Kickin’ It

Cheyenne has been a blessing for us. Such amazing programs and resources for Autism and special needs. Since Raylan started school in January at STRIDE learning center, we have been more involved with programs that will help our family grow.

Tonight was the beginning probably one of my favorite programs so far, Adaptive Soccer. Adaptive soccer is geared for children with disabilities. This particular program was started about 25 years ago in Cheyenne by a group of Children’s OT and PT therapist and is FREE! Each kid receives an Adidas Soccer jersey and a water bottle. Each child is paired with a buddy that will help them with learning soccer. Each buddy is picked for kids based on that child’s particular need. Some of the buddy volunteers are high schoolers and some are therapist. There are different groups for teams based on needs and age. But the absolute best part about this program is siblings are included in the soccer practices and games. Some times it can be hard on our other kids that Raylan requires so much more attention and care, so having a program that includes them and can help teach them the importance of teaching and accepting is amazing!

Raylan’s buddy was a perfect match! He was paired with a pediatric physical therapist. Raylan struggles with balance and coordination. I told her of his struggles and his battle with tremors ants she understood my concerns. She then assured me that no matter how much “soccer” he really does or learns, he still will benefit from playing on the field.

My kid’s ran all over that field and had so much fun! I cannot wait until next weeks!

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