Hey mama, I see you hiding inside yourself in the corner. You’re struggling and you’re fighting back tears. Its ok, you’re not alone.

Hey mama, today you celebrate a dear child’s birthday with a friend. Secretly you step away to hide your tears. Mama I have done it too. You cry silently as you watch other children surpass yours. You celebrate with them, but you cry inside because it feels sometimes your baby will never have a normal life. You cry secretly because your baby doesn’t understand opening presents. You cry because you have to explain to children why your little one doesn’t want to play or hold hands. Mama you are not alone.

I cry oh so often. I fill with tears when I hear 3 year old say thank you or I love you.

There is a lump in your throat, a boulder on your chest, and a break in your heart. I’ve been there. Some days are better than others. Some days you want to shut everyone out so your tears are hidden, it’s just easier that way.

You can’t explain it. You are so happy to see other children grow and bloom, but at the same time it makes you cry.

We want the best for our children. We want to be sure that they have a bright future. And it can become an exhausting fight. Every day there is a hill climb. Sometimes it feels like you’ll never reach the top. But mama its ok.

Your precious child will be a world changer. Your child is a gift that never looses shine.
They may not say I love you, but they’ll give you the best hugs and maybe kisses.
They may not understand the excitement of giving presents, but they know how to light up a room when their favorite song comes on. They have talents that others can only dream of. When he plays the piano I cry a different kind of tears.

Struggling with hurdles will never change. Tears will be triggered even with the smallest of events. Its ok mama.

Its ok to admit things are hard. It’s ok to just breath or step away when you needed to. There are going to be so many times you just carry the weight of being a special momma to a special kid.

You’re not alone.

But remember this

Normal is a dryer setting.

– Mickey

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