Tacos and Toddlers

Sitting in my son’s school parking lot at least 15 minutes after drop off, trying to decide if I should hit the gym or just go home. After being up and down most the night with the boys I’m struggling so hard to keep my mind on going to the gym.

Truth be told if someone would’ve told me in 10 years I’d be walking out of the house no makeup, one armpit shaved, and no deodorant; I would hysterically laugh at them. Now here I am just struggling to decide on taking my mama hips to the gym and at least get on the Arc trainer for even 15 minutes.

15 minutes pass and I decided to put the van in reverse and driving to the gym. I am trying so hard to remember that I forgot something at home, but nothing is missing. Golds gym is literally a block from my house, I could just say I got an important call and drive home. It doesn’t happen. I pulled in the parking lot and it is practically empty, its mid week so a lot of people have fallen off the Monday new years wagon. Let’s face it Monday is like new years every week. “This is my week y’all, my diet starts now, my workouts start now. ” Wednesday comes and people have fallen off their routine, but next Monday, Monday ya’ll!

I start to take Wyatt out of his seat and he is normally telling me “Nooooo”. Well not today y’all. He grabs his backpack puts it on grabs my hand and walks by my side right on in. “Well damn, maybe just maybe kids club will be at capacity” I think to my self. Nope! Keep on going. “Maybe Wyatt will protest like he nornally does” bahaha funny story he walked right in.

“Well, shit. Here I go” I paid for this fall fit challenge I have to use the gym and actually put effort into working out.

Walk all the way to the locker rooms and hope kid’s club will come get me for Wyatt cause he’s crying. Y’all if you can’t tell I’m dreading this workout cause I’m so tired.

Alright put on the damn tennis shoes, get your headphones in, go pee, let’s do this. Sit in sauna and just relax think about what the dinner schedule is for the night.

Oh shit, its taco night! I love taco night!! Its my favorite night of the week and these hips don’t lie. I have to work out!!


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