Dinosaurs and Fern Clyffe Waterfall

I don’t see my sister to often, but this year I surprised her by visiting her for her 30th birthday. Sara had been calling me multiple times in the weeks prior to her birthday really saddened about her birthday. She was telling me how she felt forgotten, because people had made other plans the weekContinue reading “Dinosaurs and Fern Clyffe Waterfall”

God made Dirt and Dirt don't Hurt

  My favorite look on a child is a dirt covered face. Seriously seeing the little dirt lines on their cheeks just makes me melt. I spent my summers on the muddy banks of the Kaskaskia River. Digging in the banks where the craw daddies gathered and the fishin’ was good. When I wasn’t diggingContinue reading “God made Dirt and Dirt don't Hurt”

Bow Hunting and Your Shoulders

When it comes to archery, the maintenance of your shoulders and rotator cuffs is extremely important to prevent any type of injury, especially overuse. As for every physical activity, there is a proper way to recover and prevent future overuse injuries. Shoulder impairments, caused by over use are very common injuries and are often avoidable. In fact,Continue reading “Bow Hunting and Your Shoulders”

Hiking while Pregnant-11 Things I've learned

I really enjoy being outdoors, but being pregnant during the summer months is tough on it’s own. I am really glad I did not allow my pregnancy stop me and my family enjoy being outdoors. Over this summer I continued to hike throughout my pregnancy, while packing our 1 year old with us. Earlier onContinue reading “Hiking while Pregnant-11 Things I've learned”