Laredo Miss Kate Boots Review

I’m here to be honest. I am in love with these beautiful sniptoe Laredo Miss Kate boots, in fact so much I’m on my second pair in 2 years. That’s right my second pair. I bought my first pair summer 2016. I wore them until I couldn’t anymore. I could’ve resoled them, but the leather was actually tearing on both right and left vamp of the boot. It was really strange because they tore in the same spot. Just looked like someone slit it with a knife on each boot. However I still loved them. I wore them pretty much everyday for 2 years, until the sole was completely shot.


So my husband ordered another pair in a 7.5. He was hoping that the reason behind the tear was because my 7 were a tad snug. The 7.5 fit like a dream and I love them even better than the pair of 7. The reason I love these boots is comfort, fashion, and temperature. My feet never hurt in them. I could stand on my feet for an entire 8 hour shift and my feet never even bothered me. They have a composition sole on them which makes wearing them comfortable.

There isn’t too much I can’t pair with these boots! They are so versatile and match just about everything. I wear them with pants, skirts, shorts, really everything! The colors are perfectly simple and beautiful.

My feet never became to hot or cold. I live in Wyoming, where you can never trust the weather man. No matter if it was hot or cold, my feet never felt uncomfortable. They have some kind of microfiber material lining the inside. This material is designed to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry.

Let’s talk price. Well I believe for as much as wore them and how hard I was on them $150 was an extremely fair price. Especially since I know they will last me a long while. Laredo Boots is a part of Dan Post boot company and Dan Post actually has a pair almost very similar to them for $275 and those can be found here if you are looking for a higher quality boot.





Hey mama, I see you hiding inside yourself in the corner. You’re struggling and you’re fighting back tears. Its ok, you’re not alone.

Hey mama, today you celebrate a dear child’s birthday with a friend. Secretly you step away to hide your tears. Mama I have done it too. You cry silently as you watch other children surpass yours. You celebrate with them, but you cry inside because it feels sometimes your baby will never have a normal life. You cry secretly because your baby doesn’t understand opening presents. You cry because you have to explain to children why your little one doesn’t want to play or hold hands. Mama you are not alone.

I cry oh so often. I fill with tears when I hear 3 year old say thank you or I love you.

There is a lump in your throat, a boulder on your chest, and a break in your heart. I’ve been there. Some days are better than others. Some days you want to shut everyone out so your tears are hidden, it’s just easier that way.

You can’t explain it. You are so happy to see other children grow and bloom, but at the same time it makes you cry.

We want the best for our children. We want to be sure that they have a bright future. And it can become an exhausting fight. Every day there is a hill climb. Sometimes it feels like you’ll never reach the top. But mama its ok.

Your precious child will be a world changer. Your child is a gift that never looses shine.
They may not say I love you, but they’ll give you the best hugs and maybe kisses.
They may not understand the excitement of giving presents, but they know how to light up a room when their favorite song comes on. They have talents that others can only dream of. When he plays the piano I cry a different kind of tears.

Struggling with hurdles will never change. Tears will be triggered even with the smallest of events. Its ok mama.

Its ok to admit things are hard. It’s ok to just breath or step away when you needed to. There are going to be so many times you just carry the weight of being a special momma to a special kid.

You’re not alone.

But remember this

Normal is a dryer setting.

– Mickey

PECS Friends and family 101

PECS is a form of communication taught to individuals who are not able to use traditional forms of communication. In this video I chat about how we use it, pros and cons, ETC.

After researching, I have decided to become PECS certified.

Big Kids

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Jaydon never seize to amaze me. They fight all the time and that drives me up a wall.  However their willingness to help their baby brothers or teach them is beyond measure. Jaydon will always be the big brother my kids need. He loves them so fierce it sometimes brings him to tears.


He was scared on the trail because this one tested limits they have not tested before. I entrusted him to hold Raylan as I crossed a pretty big gap. He slipped and gashed his knee pretty bad and he looked at Raylan and said “Bubba’s ok Raylan it’s just a little scratch”
I could see the pain in his eyes. But he did not want to scare Raylan so he held back the tears and finished the climb. I’ve seen him cry over things much smaller before, hurt he refused to cry this time. He knows that Raylan gets upset when he sees or hears someone crying, so he fought back the real tears.

As we pushed through the hike, I tandem wore Raylan 33lbs and Wyatt 24lbs. I easily became winded, but knew they were too tired to complete the hike. Jaydon and Cheyenne could tell that mommy was wearing down so they said “Mommy we can help with Wyatt. Just carry Raylan.” Hesitant I unloaded Wyatt from the front carrier and put him in Jaydon’s hands.

We completed our hike and Jay looked at me and said “That was really fun.” This really struck me because getting him to hike and not complain is like trying to keep water in a strainer. Jaydon enjoyed his hike because I entrusted him and gave him responsibility on the trail, that meant the world to him.


Jaydon does not like going hiking at all. I say the word hike and he begs me to not make him go. Then I gave him responsibility and he couldn’t wait to help. Cheyenne wants to explore and have freedom so we give her that. Finding what works for each kid to get them outside is key to helping them enjoy the outdoors.

“Their minds were not built to be sat and taught. They were built to explore, play, and learn”
– unknown

Mama Lies

7 am and the alarm clock is ringing. By alarm clock I mean Wyatt running down the hall towards me. Cheyenne’s bedroom door opens and shuts. The chaos of the day has just begun and I am no where near ready for it. I roll over and I beg for just a little more rest.

I drag myself into the living room to change Wyatt into a fresh diaper and set up breakfast for him and the older kiddos. “Jay can you watch him while I go lay down with Raylan for a bit?” With out hesitation Jaydon says “Yes mama.” I drag myself into my room and I curl up next to Raylan and I am out faster than light.

Next thing I know Jay comes in and it’s lunch time, Raylan has been up for a couple hours and my big kids have been maintaining the babies while I sleep. I am just so tired, I can’t peel my head from my pillow and I probably couldn’t even sew my eyelids open. I am just so heavy.

They come in “Mommy when you get up can we….” “Yes I promise when I get up just I’m so tired I need to rest a bit”…But the resting doesn’t seem to end. Cheyenne has begged for us to sew, hike, or go to the park and mama keeps saying. “Not today, mama just doesn’t feel good.”

Mama hasn’t “felt” good since May. I have been battling to stay awake and I have been living on Monsters and NOS. Nothing is helping. I lost nearly 13 pounds in 10 days. Granted I was eating healthy when I ate and drinking nearly a Gallon or two a day, but 13 lbs in 10 days no matter how you spin it isn’t healthy for someone of my size.

Since May I have had too many days to count that I stay in bed until my husband is due home around 4:30 PM. I get up make dinner only to go back to sleep by 9. I have spent nearly 12 hours sleeping and still cannot pull myself out of bed without feeling weighed down with exhaustion. I could drink 3 monsters a day, a cup of coffee, and it is no where near enough. When I call the doctor they say that’s not normal and the refer my to yet again another specialist. Its Hashimotos, its fibromyalgia, its auto immune disease, or it could be PCOS. All of which have very similar symptoms, but no one knows exactly what medicines to give me. So they’ve loaded me down with not 1, but 4 new medicines and I cannot tell which is causing which symptom.

I just want to get up clean house, play with my kids, and not struggle to raise my head off my pillow. I want to hike with my kids and my local hiking group, but I am afraid I will not have the energy to get them to the end of the trail.

So mama lies. I lie I feel fine, I lie as I drink the 3rd monster in a row, I lie I am too busy,   I lie I will get up in a minute as I lie in bed struggling to lift up my heavy head.

I am grateful for my kids who may not understand why mama is struggling, but they see it so they let me rest. My heart breaks every time I lay in bed as they play in the living room.

Having hashimotos is a battle that I am not the only one wounded in. Hashimotos effects my entire family. It takes days away from my children, moments, and memories. Many people do not know the amount of control your thyroid has over your body, but here are some of the things controlled by thyroid.

  • Breathing
  • Heart rate
  • Central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Body weight
  • Muscle strength
  • Menstrual cycles
  • Body temperature
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Digestive function
  • Muscle control
  • Brain development
  • Mood
  • Bone maintenance

When my thyroid is out of wack my entire body takes a hit. My kids can tell there is something wrong, my husband knows, and I continue to smile even with the struggle. I eat healthy and it doesn’t seem to matter. I gave 5 years of my life to personal training , health and fitness, but hashimotos did not care. It’s an everyday battle and everyday is different. I could wake up tomorrow and feel rested for the better half of the day, but then the very next day I lie.


Mara Kuhn: Outdoorsy in Arkansas — Hike Like A Woman

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