Mara Kuhn: Outdoorsy in Arkansas — Hike Like A Woman

Meet Mara. Actually you probably already know Mara by now. She was a 2016-2017 HLAW Ambassador and is now our editor. She’s responsible for every single blog post you see here. She does a great job and I don’t think her (or pay her) nearly enough. Today on the show Mara and I chat about… viaContinue reading “Mara Kuhn: Outdoorsy in Arkansas — Hike Like A Woman”

Rules for camping with little humans

Recently I decided to adventure into a camping trip alone with my kiddos. Our family has had crazy busy lives since the start of summer and schedules haven’t lined up for a family camping trip.  Our kiddos had yet to go camping and its almost the end of the summer! So I braved packing allContinue reading “Rules for camping with little humans”

11 things I have learned from my kids

Everyday I learn something valuable as a mom. Children are so innocent and compassionate they remind us daily about the important things in life. Keep trying. My children never give up on anything. They always push through whatever challenge life may face them with. It took me years to understand “Child like faith” and IContinue reading “11 things I have learned from my kids”

Dinosaurs and Fern Clyffe Waterfall

I don’t see my sister to often, but this year I surprised her by visiting her for her 30th birthday. Sara had been calling me multiple times in the weeks prior to her birthday really saddened about her birthday. She was telling me how she felt forgotten, because people had made other plans the weekContinue reading “Dinosaurs and Fern Clyffe Waterfall”

God made Dirt and Dirt don't Hurt

  My favorite look on a child is a dirt covered face. Seriously seeing the little dirt lines on their cheeks just makes me melt. I spent my summers on the muddy banks of the Kaskaskia River. Digging in the banks where the craw daddies gathered and the fishin’ was good. When I wasn’t diggingContinue reading “God made Dirt and Dirt don't Hurt”