Why I wasn't healthy when I was "fit" 

The beginning of summer 2011, I began my fitness journey, weighing 208lbs. I hired an encouraging trainer when my daughter was roughly about 15 months old. Her eccentric personality and exciting bikini competitions kept me motivated. I wanted to accomplish what she had accomplished. I followed her strict food and exercise regimen by severing allContinue reading “Why I wasn't healthy when I was "fit" “

Looking the Part

Toned muscle, low body fat, and bad-ass abs! 2013 I walked across the stage to complete my first and last competition. I had a snobby ass attitude to go with my purple crushed velvet competition suit. My friends and family cheered as I walked across the stage and completed my well rehearsed routine. It wasContinue reading “Looking the Part”

11 things I have learned from my kids

Everyday I learn something valuable as a mom. Children are so innocent and compassionate they remind us daily about the important things in life. Keep trying. My children never give up on anything. They always push through whatever challenge life may face them with. It took me years to understand “Child like faith” and IContinue reading “11 things I have learned from my kids”

Hiking while Pregnant-11 Things I've learned

I really enjoy being outdoors, but being pregnant during the summer months is tough on it’s own. I am really glad I did not allow my pregnancy stop me and my family enjoy being outdoors. Over this summer I continued to hike throughout my pregnancy, while packing our 1 year old with us. Earlier onContinue reading “Hiking while Pregnant-11 Things I've learned”